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Lunch: 10.30 - 19.00 11.30 - 18.00 (sat) Bistro 10.30 - 15.00 (mon-sat)

  • Bistro: Cheese-chickpea soup [S] (v,g,k,vl) Bistro
  • Bistro: Fried vendaces [S] (vl) Bistro
  • Chicken with chili and coconut Halloween [S] (m,g,l,v) Edullisesti
  • Bean pot [S] (g,v,k,m,l,ve) Edullisesti
  • Pikeperch balls, shallot yogurt sauce [S] (l) Edullisesti
  • Pumpkin soup [S] (g,k,l) Kevyesti
  • Mango and liquorice quark Halloween (g,k,l) Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

* on request. Changes possible. In case of allergies, please contact our personnel.

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In case of allergies, please contact our personnel at the restaurant.

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