Responsible, superior and experienced staff restaurant services

Partnership is the foundation on which to build an excellent staff restaurant, with services based on the goals and expectations of each customer.

HYY Ravintolat offers the pure tastes of the season added with high locality rate to the meeting and meal tables of customers.


Finnish food ingredients are the basis of first-rate lunches and other business services

Responsibility is not just a word for us; we manifest it in the everyday and operations of the restaurant business.

We want to support the local economy through employment and maintaining jobs – while ensuring the traceability of the products we offer as well as the transparency of production.

We favour pure Finnish raw materials, whenever possible.

The breads we offer are baked in Finnish bakeries, the milk comes from Finnish farms, poultry is always Finnish, and the domesticity rate of meat is 90 %.

Organic and Fair Trade products are an essential part of the HYY Ravintolat offering.

Get to know the responsibility of HYY Ravintolat

60 years of experience – ongoing recreation

Customer-centricity, supporting the goals and operations of our customers along with ensuring customer satisfaction through an open interaction are the customer service promises we strive for.

We have offered staff restaurant services at the Helsinki University campuses for several decades. Lunch restaurants, coffee houses and the events services we have provided for the University of Helsinki employees as well as university and corporate guests have helped in creating a strong basis in our proficiency.

Our staff restaurants in Helsinki

HYY Ravintolat has several staff restaurants located in Helsinki.

Paviljonki functions as the staff restaurant of Ministry of Defence and Defence Command, Cafespa acts as the staff restaurant of Ministry of Transport and Communications. Serpens acts as the staff restaurant of Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS/FSHS).

UniCafe Ylioppilasaukio at Kaivopiha functions as the staff restaurant of HYY Group and many corporations located in the centre of Helsinki. It also carries out diverse restaurant services from meetings to parties and corporate events.

Building the competitive advantage of the future with HYY Ravintolat

We offer high quality, professionally executed and responsibly produced restaurant services to support the work and businesses of our customers and their employees.

We promise to build the restaurant experience for the ordinary and special days of our customers based on their wishes with flexibility, individuality and agility.

Fresh, natural, Finnish and self-made are the keywords we trust.  We specialize in healthy and diverse vegetarian meals and special diets.

High-quality, adaptable lunch and business services are the key areas we take pride in.