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The renewed website of HYY Restaurants offers the following:

Menus, ”info” gives you the ingredients of each meal, ”location” shows you the restaurant closest to your current location, ”like” your favourite meal, which in your later sessions will alight the restaurant offering your favourite. And naturally information about HYY Ravintolat. All of the above and much more, smoothly over the Internet, and with any mobile device.

Gaudeamus Kirja & Kahvi

The bookstore/coffee house is a cozy meeting point of books, coffee and people in the middle of Helsinki.

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The atmosphere of Empire-style villa on the shore of Kaisaniemenlahti. Lunch and coffee pleasures, an inspiring setting for private gatherings.

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Restaurant Domus

Domus is a versatile lunch and special events restaurant at the Helsinki city centre, in the vicinity of Kamppi metro station.

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Restaurant Serpens

Serpens is located in Töölö, at the premises of Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS/FSHS). Serpens offers also student meals.

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HYY Ravintolat

The largest student restaurant group in the Metropolitan Helsinki, offering outstanding quality and experienced staff restaurant services.

We value and support the work of our customers by offering tasty, healthy and responsibly produced restaurant services.

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